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Olivet Seminary Releases 'Biblical Personal Ethics'

Olivet Seminary (OS) has recently released the course entitled ‘'Biblical Personal Ethics' by Dr. Paul De Vries. Biblical Personal Ethics is a thoughtful, Spirit-led, Bible-based examination of the four core ethical standards of godly living - as they are each taught in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Their total relevance and liberating applications in our own times and places are affirmed and responsibly engaged. Multiple essential ties between Bible-based ethics and theology are openly embraced. After all, we each reveal our true beliefs by our behavior.

Therefore, every one of the Biblical teachings in this course is directly beneficial for each student's personal growth in the Living God's grace, and also for discipling other people. "I am very grateful to hear of the advances of Olivet Seminary's expansion of late. May our Lord Jesus continue to guide Olivet Seminary in all that it does," commented Dr. De Vries.

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