About Olivet Seminary


Collaboration between higher education and discipleship training.

In 2000, Olivet Seminary was established as a part of the Bible college named the Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS). OTCS functioned as a ‘seedbed' for missions, offering multiple fields of study and distance learning to ministry-bound students all over the world. OTCS developed quickly, leading to several major changes to accommodate the school's diverse student body.

In 2004, Olivet University was incorporated. Various departments were established within the University to offer different degree programs while Olivet Seminary as a non-degree, non-credit theological education branch stayed an affiliated but distinct part of OTCS.

In 2014, Olivet Seminary launched its own international network partnering with churches interested in starting up their own seminary and ministry training. In this way it further established itself as a distinct ministry from Olivet University and its colleges and divisions.

It currently maintains a global network of 20 major countries and it keeps expanding to the areas of the world where workers of His Kingdom are waiting to be equipped.

Christian Studies and Ministry Program

Obtain an outline of Bible, Theology and Ministry

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