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Olivet Seminary Expands its Network across the Continents

Olivet Seminary has established its global campuses across the continents around the world.

Olivet Seminary has settled in different countries in ten regions of the world including South Africa (Africa), Korea (Asia Pacific), China, Russia (The Common Wealth of Independent States), United Kingdom (Europe), Brazil (Latin America), USA (North America), Australia (Oceania), Indonesia (Southeast Asia) and India (South Asia).

By building a global campus online, Olivet Seminary seeks to overcome the barriers in every field of mission including languages, cultures, or skills. As of today, numerous students have access to biblical and theological resources at Olivet Seminary in their own languages.

In the near future, Olivet Seminary will expand its network to countries in the Southern Hemisphere where theological resources are scare. By providing completely free and online education, Olivet Seminary wishes to unlock the treasure of the Word of God to all who desire to be equipped to serve in God’s kingdom.

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