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Olivet Seminary Releases the Full Package of 'Epistle to the Romans'

Olivet Seminary (OS) has successfully released 'The Epistle to the Romans Chapters 5-8.' As such, the full package of Romans lectures from chapters 1-8 can be freely utilized by OS students around the world as it stands today.

'Biblical Hermeneutics' is the multifaceted, informed, skilled, anointed study, and application of Bible texts. In this course, students identify and draw from the full range of the numerous resources, skills, and tools for faithful, comprehensive, transformative Biblical Hermeneutics.

"The Epistle to the Romans series is outstanding in the view of its contents and delivery. We trust it will be invaluably utilized to achieve the ultimate goal of Olivet Seminary: raining to current and future ministers around the world,' an OS official commented.

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